Edge enterprise is a living addressbook for connecting with colleagues, letting them know where you're working from and how they can most efficiently contact you.

It is particularly ideal where colleagues work in more than one room; remotely, across buildings or floors, timezones or shift patterns, hot desking, on the move or even from home.


An homepage that gives quick access to search for users by first name, last name, team or department, with support for overlaying custom indoor maps.

Quickly retrieve contact details for colleagues, with their last known work location, links to preferred telephone numbers, email addresses, instant messaging and other contact methods. Optionally integrate with other systems to indicate annual leave or other useful information.

Status indicator colours around each contact link let you know if your colleague is available via that contact method.

All data is encrypted during transport using TLS (HTTPS).


There are more ways to contact each other than ever before. Almost all of us have multiple email addresses, telephone numbers, instant messenger accounts and other electronic communication endpoints at work. Edge helps your colleagues choose how to contact you by letting them know which ones you're using. It lets them quickly answer some simple but often frequently asked questions:

Budgets are always tight and software has to justify its value to an organisation. Sometimes this is about meeting policy or business critical needs which are mandatory requirements and sometimes it is simply about improving the efficiency of employees.

We believe Edge is ideally placed to meet requirements around duty of care to employees, but that it can also provide efficiency savings through improved collaboration.


We can provide support including bespoke integrations to other systems so you can use Edge whether your user data comes from LDAP, Android phones, Cisco routers, VPN connection logs or all of the above amongst others.

If cloud hosting is not appropriate for your organisation we can offer an enterprise edition hosted on your own network.

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